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Local Solutions for Local Problems

Build and develop your area. It's a race to independence!
Incentives for measurable growth and far-reaching solutions to area-specific issues. 
Better not sell yet, Pennsylvania is about to start harvesting ideas in a big way. Everyone will want to move here.  


The best school district in Pennsylvania is in a "home-rule" township. This means they're free from the icy grips of State and Federal Government standards.
Teachers should have the freedom to teach students again. As a state, let's leave common core to the rest of the country and set an elite standard for our own children. 

RACE Barrier

Pennsylvania - we can't ignore technology's influence on everyday life. The wide-ranging "spectrum of facts" are clearly designed to trigger and not inform. It's important to remember that the world's problems are not necessarily OUR problems. 
We are the Northeastern American Woodland Tribe. We come in all colors, shapes, sizes, beliefs, etc.. Evolution favors diversity. 
Stop limiting our children with ancient thinking.

Raise the County and Municipal standard

It was never intended for us to be governed at the state or federal level. In order to achieve the smaller government we all need, growth will need to start with municipalities. Surviving ideas will be rewarded and spread. Some things on the list include:
1. Data Collection
2. Long term trash and recycling solutions
3. Long term energy generation and distribution (Independent of "the grid")
4. All aspects of Education
5. Disaster plans and strategies

PA State Inspection

Must be sacrificed as it stands. Let it die an example of what government over-regulation looks like. Commercial vehicles will fall under the Federal standard, all other drivers will fall under new local standards. 

Local Elected Officials

It is up to you (the people) to make sure the elected officials represent the community. There will be a new system of mandatory training for all active and newly elected officials. 
As you build programs in your town you'll soon discover that we don't necessarily need so many people to represent us in a world with so much technological potential? When your trained officials return, they'll be ready to embrace your ideas.

More Solutions

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